Episode 5: 10 Financial Actions to Take Now Pt.1

Dexter b Jenkins podcast ep 5

Episode 5: 10 Financial Actions to Take Now Pt.1

10 Financial Actions to Take Now Pt.1

Dexter B. Jenkins gives 5 financial actions to take right now. Stressing action versus good intentions. Listeners will leave with tangible actions to improve their finances immediately.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why Dexter wants you to be a person of action instead of good intentions.
  • How a spending plan differs from a budget.
  • What it means to be a 10/10/80 person.
  • Why everyone needs to have a cushion fund and how you can get to $1000 quickly.


  • DexterBJenkins.Com
  • Getting Your Money Straight and Building Wealth-Dexter B. Jenkins
  • Life Insurance Mini-Class-Dexter B. Jenkins YouTube Channel

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Dexter B. Jenkins

Dexter B. Jenkins is a faith-based financial mentor with more than two decades in the financial services industry. He is passionate about helping families build generational wealth with easy-to-implement steps. Jenkins inspires and instructs hundreds of people with his podcast, programs, online courses and books. A popular speaker on the topic of wealth building God’s way, he is an authority on faith and finance.

As Senior Pastor of Fellowship Christian Church in Boston and Managing Partner of Dominion Real Estate Holding, LLC, he sensed early in life that teaching financial literacy was his calling. Through what he coins the “Ship Method,” Jenkins shows people how to get out of debt through stewardship, create legacy through entrepreneurship and learn strategies on real estate ownership. There’s no question that his integrity, wisdom and wealth building philosophy is a voice needed today.