Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the LORD brings wealth,
without painful toil for it.

Alexsandra and John-Henry Davis

Working for a financial services company for over 10 years, I thought I had it all figured out in the area of finances. My husband and I have learned through Dexter’s teachings, that faith and finances go hand in hand. We’ve experienced financial favor and unexpected career opportunities when we started tithing. Through studying the Bible, we learned basic money concepts that helped us understand the importance of building generational wealth for our family, and it is what God expects us to do. Our faith has allowed us to see that we are supposed to be the lender and not the borrower and if we seek God first for wisdom, He will give us creative and innovative thoughts and ideas to generate wealth.

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Dexter B. Jenkins

Dexter B. Jenkins is a faith-based financial mentor with more than two decades in the financial services industry. He is passionate about helping families build generational wealth with easy-to-implement steps. Jenkins inspires and instructs hundreds of people with his podcast, programs, online courses and books. A popular speaker on the topic of wealth building God’s way, he is an authority on faith and finance.

As Senior Pastor of Fellowship Christian Church in Boston and Managing Partner of Dominion Real Estate Holding, LLC, he sensed early in life that teaching financial literacy was his calling. Through what he coins the “Ship Method,” Jenkins shows people how to get out of debt through stewardship, create legacy through entrepreneurship and learn strategies on real estate ownership. There’s no question that his integrity, wisdom and wealth building philosophy is a voice needed today.

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